Macclesfield Physio

Muskuloskeletal & Neurological Physiotherapy

Macclesfield Physio is a private physiotherapy practice providing a physiotherapy service in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Macclesfield Physio is based in the heart of Macclesfield at 36 Charlotte Street.

Thorough musculoskeletal and neurological physiotherapy assessments and treatment are provided by our experienced team of physiotherapists.

Macclesfield Physio treat clients with pain, stiffness, muscle weakness, reduced function, instability and reduced mobility. The physiotherapists at Macclesfield Physio have experience in providing a high standard of treatment and rehabilitation for athletes ranging from amateur to elite.

All of our physios have experience in workplace ergonomics and workstation assessments. The physios at Macclesfield Physio, therefore, can incorporate aspects of your working life and working posture into your treatment.

Neurological rehabilitation is also provided for clients with neurological conditions such as stroke, head injury or exacerbation of multiple sclerosis. Lifetime disorders of childhood onset such as cerebral palsy and developmental delay are also commonly treated.

Macclesfield Physio is recognised by all leading insurance companies and private medical insurers. Our services are requested by case managers and solicitors on a regular basis.

To arrange a physiotherapy appointment, please contact us now on 01625 326732.

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Macclesfield Physio

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