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Macclesfield Physio is a sister company of Manchester Physio. Macclesfield Physio is a specialist team of musculoskeletal and neurological physiotherapists. All the physiotherapists at Macclesfield Physio are carefully selected on the basis of their knowledge, experience and personal attributes.

Macclesfield Physio provide private physiotherapy treatment of the highest quality. Physiotherapy treatment plans are centred around your problems, your lifestyle and your goals. The physiotherapists at Macclesfield Physio have experience in treating a wide range of individuals including:
  • sports injuries in amateur to elite athletes
  • repetitive strain injuries in the workplace
  • chronic lower back and neck pain
  • neck, back and other injuries following road traffic accidents
  • neurologically impaired individuals
All of the rehabilitation at Macclesfield Physio is carried out by enthusiastic physiotherapists who enjoy their job and enjoy helping you to recover as much as possible.

Our physiotherapy treatment is always patient centred. Macclesfield Physio provide numerous different types of physiotherapy treatment including; manipulation, stretching, strengthening, exercise programmes, massage, soft tissue release, electrotherapy education and advice. The treatment methods used varies depending on the severity of your condition, your symptoms and your goals.

To arrange a physiotherapy appointment please contact us now on 01625 32 67 32.

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